the senior exhibition | turning earth

I am fascinated by this earth that we live on. Subtly turning, transporting us through the vast unknown to places we never realize. I am looking for a word I cannot find to sum up an experience I cannot put words to;

Something you have seen, but never noticed until now.

Something that you have experienced, but now see with new eyes.

A stirring to something that had been there all along.

To touch and to remember.

A subtle awakening, a gentle realization.

Something like the turning of the earth.


Turning earth also refers to the process of turning earth through my hands and making it into something new. As the wheel turns, shape and form emerges and purpose is given to the clay. I hope that you find the work to be beautiful. I hope that it intrigues your eye and gives you a moment to pause and wonder about clay. Ceramic vessels are everywhere, present in most moments of our lives. There are ceramic vessels in my life that bring back strong waves of nostalgia and longing; memories that I am holding onto literally by the handle of a mug. I hope I can show you the power of the ceramic vessel. It can build community, teach about surrender, strengthen your patience, and create memories.


“Every now and then we are jolted out of our complacency, and feel ourselves to be in the presence of something vastly more significant than our present interests and desires.” Roger Scruton

Annie Lunt