a thesis exhibition.

We are one month out! My undergraduate experience is nearing its end, and with the finale comes the culmination of my years at George Fox. I have been studying my craft and learning all the secrets clay is willing to reveal to me right now. I'm excited and nervous! My show will take place on April 24th and I am still not sure what it will become - but I am anticipating the birth of the vision. Here are some pictures of the process. I've found my color palette, I'm playing with shapes and textures, and the common theme is the plate. Plates are everywhere in our daily lives! Think about all the unnoticed, reliable, familiar plates that we hold and carry every day. I hope my senior show is an opportunity for me to explain to people how much I love dishes! They are present in our lives at so many pivotal moments, lonely days, peaceful mornings and energetic parties. I hope that my work can fill those moments and bring light to the little parts of those moments that go unnoticed. Pay attention to your plate, it will see you through most of your life. 

Annie Lunt