I would love to work with you! Making individual pieces for peoples’ lives is an integral part of my ceramics practice. I would love to make you the pieces you are dreaming of. It is so much more meaningful when I get to meet you, talk about what you are hoping for, and then use my artistic voice to work towards making those dreams realities. Keep on reading for further details and then please contact me below if commissioning ceramics is exactly what you’re hoping for.

There is no commission too small, but I do have physical limits; I do not make dinnerware sets over 6 place settings, and I will only make sets of 8 of the same object. Pricing is dependent on what is being commissioned, and most orders can be finished and delivered in 4 weeks. Please remember, I am one artist with a studio in my garage - I appreciate your business and your patience as we work together!

What's your name? *
What's your name?

Pricing is dependent on variables such as type of clay, glaze, time frame and object sizes. Below is to give you an idea of your investment, but prices will vary depending on what the commission is.

Basic Price Map:

Dinner ware sets - $20 per object

Mugs - $25

Planters - $22

Cups - $17

Serving Dishes - $45