How Commissions Work

Ceramics will be with you for a long time, and I want you to be able to bring your personality and style into your home. If you have something specific in mind, let's collaborate! It could be one mug or 10 bowls. Just be aware that I may not be able to accommodate all requests, and that my hand will be in each piece, so no two will be exactly the same. Let's talk, feel free to contact me!

Getting Married?

I would love to create a set for your new life together! We can create a registry for your guests to view and purchase for you. These commissions usually tend to be the biggest and take the longest. Plan ahead and have some ideas in mind! 


The price of a commission all depends on what we are creating. Ceramics is a long process with many variables. Different clays and glazes all cost different amounts, and different forms take longer and more energy to make. Be aware that what something costs in the shop now may not reflect what a commissioned piece will cost. Inquire! I'd love to talk through the details with you.